Goal Setting to Get Results

Goal Setting That Gets Results

What is a goal? A goal is simple a target. It’s something you want to accomplish. It maybe starting a business, taking your family on a vacation or buying a new car.

Many people set aspirations instead of goals. The difference is goals must have substance which means they must have specific components.

So what specific components should goals have so you get results?    

Goals Should Be Specific

Saying you “want to be successful” is too vague. How are you going to determine if you are successful?

Will your success be determined by your income, time-freedom or some other factor? A goal requires you to have a target that you are working towards. An example of a specific goal would be “I want to live in New York” or “I want to buy a new house.”

Goals Need To Be Measurable

The two goals I listed above leave a lot of room for interpretation. They don’t state where you want to live in New York or what type of house you want. Your goal should state precisely what you want to accomplish.

Saying you want a new house is not enough! You need to specify the type of house you want. How many bedrooms it has. How many bathrooms it has. The neighborhood you want to live in.        

Goals Should Be Time-Sensitive

Goals should have deadlines! Let’s assume you have a goal of saving $100,000. Does that seem like a long-shot for you? What if you had 20 years to save the money? 

Now you are probably thinking, it could be done in that length of time. But what if I said you only had 2 years to save it? That goal would probably seem impossible to accomplish for most people.

Having a time-frame really influences your goal. Without a deadline, there is not much to motivate you. So many people go through life with the attitude “One day I’m going to ….” Those people end up dying and taking their dreams with them to their graves!

One of the biggest differences between people who make their goals happen and those who don’t is the ability to be self-disciplined by following through but following through by a certain date.

Now that I’ve familiarized you with how most people set goals, I encourage you to forget these tips!

I spent years getting no where setting goals that were specific, measurable and time-sensitive.

Now I want to share with you goal setting tips that get results!

1. Goals need to be written down.

If you keep your goals in your head, they can easily be forgotten. More important, when you write down your goals a different part of your mind takes over. The dreaming, the planning and less critical part. When a goal is written down you start to look at the possibilities.

For years, I wanted to buy a Mercedes. But when I thought about it in my mind, I replayed all the reasons I couldn’t buy one. Mercedes cost too much. I didn’t have the best credit, etc. One day, I decided to write down my goal of owning a Mercedes and within six months I purchased a C300 Mercedes.

2. Map the Steps Needed to Achieve Your Goals.

This is a critical step. What do you need to do to accomplish your goal?

For me, to buy a Mercedes C300 I needed to pay off my credit card debt so I could afford making my monthly car payment and improve my credit score. I found ways to spend less money so I had more money each month over a six month period to pay off my credit card debt. 

3. Visualization

Do you have a clear picture in your mind of what your life will be like when you accomplish your goal? How will you feel? I would spend 10 minutes before I went to bed visualizing myself driving a C300 Mercedes.  Before you ever accomplish your goal you got to act as if it has already happened.

Setting goals doesn’t require a formula or some big secret. It is simply a matter of writing down what you want. Mapping out the steps to achieve what you want and taking the time to experience what you desire through visualization. 

I would love to hear your goal setting techniques, please leave a comment below.  

Your Success Partner,

Yaisa Hagood

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