Four Simple Tips To Engage Your Facebook Fans

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If you’re like most people, you check your Facebook page at least five times a day. If you’re a business owner may be you’re wondering how to leverage the time you spend on Facebook to get people to interact with your message, product or service in a positive and profitable way?

I’m ashamed to admit it but I just started a Facebook Fanpage a few weeks ago. After reading these statics, posted on, I could no longer resist building my business using Facebook. The most power Social Networking Site! If you’re building a business online and haven’t started a Facebook Fan page check out these facts:  

  • Facebook is close to having 1 billion active users.
  • 50 percent of active users log into Facebook on any given day. 
  • People spend over 740 billion minutes per month on Facebook.
  • On average 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook per day.
  • Facebook is available in more than 70 languages.


May be your like I was and don’t think you have the time or skill to build a Facebook Fanpage that will get your audience sharing your posts and liking your content. Well I’m about to share, Four Simple Tips To Engage Your Facebook Fans. 


1. Keep Your Personal Page Private. Only accept friend request from your friends and family on your personal Facebook Page. Your personal page maybe where you let your “hair done” and share things about yourself and your family that you don’t want to make known to the entire world. The picture of you and your friends on prom night twenty years ago may not be the best presentation of who you are now and what you are trying to accomplish.  


2. Show Your Personality. In others words be human. Your Facebook picture and profile set the tone of your page. Post a picture of yourself. Not your logo, product or service. Surely, you want to use your profile to talk about your business, but you also want people to know who you are. If you’re married with kids, mention your family. I get so many people who relate to me because I’m a single mom, who decided to leave Corporate America and build a home based business so I could spend more time with my daughter and live my life on my terms.


3. Focus On Your Mission Not Your Revenue - The goal of your Facebook Fanpage is to build a customer base but it should be done in such a way that you add value first. Don’t push people away by constantly posting links to your website to sell your products and services. A constant question you should be asking yourself is “How Does My Product or Service Help Others?” When you answer this question, make sure your posts are based on the benefits others receive from using your product or service.


4. Ask People to Act. This is key. If you want your Facebook followers to share or like your post ask them to. If you don’t tell people what to do chances are they won’t do anything. The same is true with your Facebook Fans. Also, once you have built a relationship with your Facebook Fans and have offered value, it’s okay to ask them to buy from you.   

If you’re a business owner your goal is to be seen, get people commenting on your product or service and sharing your content. Using your Facebook Fanpage you can accomplish all three and reach the masses for free. When your Facebook Fans comment, like and share your content their interactions extends to their friends. The average Facebook user has a minimum of 100 friends. 

Email, direct mail, cold calling is so last century. Social media is much more interactive, connected and targeted. Use my Four Simple Tips To Engage Your Facebook Fans to build your influence and create raving fans!  


Your Success Partner,

Yaisa Hagood

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  • Jason @ Sonix Studio January 30, 2013, 9:24 pm

    Yaisa -

    This is very accurate. Facebook is a two way street and so you have to engage your potential customers with content that speaks to their needs/wants.

    We are a Web Design and Digital Marketing agency so we use a lot of conversation about that industry but we also have a Funny Friday post, a recipe Wednesday as well as a Helpful Tip Thursday.

    This is the personality of our partners and it showcases that not everything is about web design and digital marketing because there are real people running the company.

    • Yaisa Hagood January 31, 2013, 3:33 am

      Thanks for your comment. Can you please share your facebook fanpage so I can check it out.

  • Derek Patterson February 2, 2013, 7:52 am

    Grate article Yaisa.

    I agree that one should build up relationships with others first by creating value to there life’s. There are a lot of people who truly don’t understand this concept.

    In our minds the way we’ve been taught that in order for us to let people know about our business. Is that we must advertise by throwing up sale pitch ads hopping that our business will get noticed by others.

    The thing most people don’t realize, is when there throwing out these sale pitch ad just like everyone else is doing. There doing nothing more then just blinding in with the crowd. Very rarely does anybody take notice. There too busy advertising there business.

    So in order for us to succeed. We must learn how to stand above the crowed to be seen and noticed by others. We do this by creating friendships with others by putting there wants, needs and desires first be for putting our own.

    Once we create these trusting relationship with others. They will gladly follow you where ever you go.

    Grate post loved it…

    Derek Patterson

    • Yaisa Hagood February 2, 2013, 12:36 pm

      Derek thanks for reading my article and leaving a comment. You are right on target with everything you said. Consumers are more savvy and not as taken in by advertising as they use to be. Which means if you want to be successful you have to build relationships.


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