Are You Using the 4C’s of Social Media?

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While social media was once used strictly for people to stay connected with family and friends, it is now a fundamental way to build a brand, network and generate customers. The small guys can now advertise like large corporations with big advertising budgets, thanks to social media.

Social media marketing is all about one-to-one communication. To be effective using social media you must: Connect, Communicate, be consistent and create community. Using the 4C’s of Social media effectively is critical to getting results.

The first C of Social Media – Connect

Gone are the days of passing out business cards. When I meet someone new who I want to connect with I immediately check out their social media profiles. If you haven’t done so already claim your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Google+ and make sure your profiles are filled out completely. As you meet you new people who you want to connect with add them to your social media networks.  

The Second C of Social Media – Communicate

Don’t just post links on your social media networks about your products or services. To communicate effectively you must create a dialogue. Your goal should be to promote your product or service in such a way that people aren’t turned off. In building your business online be sure to share your life. Post pictures of your family, hobbies and things you find interesting.

Also use words that appeal to your target audience. I recently read a book I highly recommend by multi-millionaire business owner, Sandi Krakowski titled “Read Their Mind-How To Hear What The Marketplace Wants And Build A HUGE Business.” In this book Sandi, teaches how to speak in words that will appeal to your target market and get results.          

The Third C of Social Media – Consistency

Consistency isn’t about posting a specific number of times each day on your social media networks. You should post to your social media networks frequently so your followers stay engaged. But consistency is about building your identify. People are watching you online so you need to establish your voice and stick with it.

If you are successfully able to attract customers by being one way but the next day you are another way, people will lose interest and you  will lose credibility. Don’t try to be someone you are not. If you are professional then be professional. If you are quirky then be quirky. What is your voice?

The Forth C of Social Media – Community

Using Social Media I have established great friendships and gained customers from around the world. How did I accomplish this? By creating a two-way dialogue with my social media followers. I share my life with them and they share their life with me. People do business with people they like, know and trust.

If you have a visual business I encourage you, if you haven’t done so already, to set up an Instagram account and check out this article on social media examiner on “3 Ways to Grow an Instagram Community.”

Using the 4C’s of Social Media will help you get a real return on the time you invest online. What strategies do you use to build your use your social media networks effectively?


Your Success Partner,

Yaisa Hagood


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  • Yaisa Hagood January 8, 2013, 9:36 pm

    I agree I got away from business cards last year because one of my mentors said they are not useful anymore but I now disagree. On my new cards I am going to have a QR code printed that takes people to my blog. Mixing online and offline. Thanks for your comment.


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