Three Money Saving Tips For Summertime Fun

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In October right before the Christmas Holiday, I wrote a blog post on Three Money Saving Tips. With summer a few months away, I decided to revisit the topic of saving money.

It’s easy to spend more and save less during the summer months. The kids are out of school, gas prices typically increase in the summer and people take vacations. It’s that wonderful time of year, when the sun is shining, birds are chirping, the weather is warm, the days are longer and the nights are shorter and people want to be out enjoying the warm weather. For many people being out enjoying the nice summer weather means spending money.

There are ways to lessen the strain on your wallet and save money during the summer months without sacrificing your fun.

Three Money Saving Tips For Summertime Fun


1. Pay Less For Entertainment

I took my daughter to the movies twice while she was on Spring Break last week once to see Captain America and again to see Noah. Each time, I spent $40 for movie tickets, drinks, popcorn and candy. Well we couldn’t decide between popcorn and nachos so we got both.

The cost of going to the movies has really increased since I was a kid. If you have a large family, it can be a strain on the family budget. There are a lot of new movie releases in the summer but I’m sure there are movies that you and your family haven’t seen yet so why not do a family move night at home. 

Allow the kids to help you pop some popcorn or prepare their favorite snacks. Then pay the $5 to $10 for a movie on pay per view and turn your living room, family room or basement into a movie theater. 

My daughter and I do this at least once a month. We really enjoy it because we get to sit on the floor and be as loud as we want to. Neither of which you can do at a movie theater.    

However, I know sometimes you want to see the newest movie release. If this is the case, try to find discounted move tickets. Check websites such as amazonlocal and movieticketcoupons.

If you are a member of AAA they offer discounted movie tickets to members. Last but not least seeing the early movie also known as the matinee can save you money.

2. Have a Yard Sale

This tip is more of a way to make money.  If your closets are overflowing and you have more material items than you can use, it may be time for a yard sale. Yard sales are known by many names, including garage sales, porch sales and the ever-popular rummage sale. Whatever name you use, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. 

A yard sale is a great way to get rid of things you don’t need, clear up space in your home for new purchases and earn some extra cash at the same time. While giving someone a great deal!  

3. Plan a Staycation

To save money, you can plan a vacation at home also known as a “staycation.” I’m sure there are many things in your hometown that you haven’t experienced or haven’t experienced for a longtime.

A true Staycation is more than just spending time at home. It is a pre-planned time of fun and relaxation for you and your family. Having a picnic in the park, going to the museum and attending a local festival could be a great way to enjoy some family fun time. Why not pretend you and your family are tourist and go sightseeing?

Doing many of these things will cost money but you will save the expense of transportation and hotel cost. I highly recommend just as you plan and budget for your family vacation, you do the same for your staycation.

There you have it, three money saving tips for the summertime that won’t take away your family fun. 

Summer is a time for vacation, relaxing and spending time with family. But this doesn’t have to mean overspending and not saving. 

If you have any money savings tips that you implement in the summertime to enjoy family fun on a budget, please share them. 

Your Success Partner,

Yaisa Hagood

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